the sixth edition of the regional peacekeeping training session


The Embassy of France to Botswana, in partnership with the Embassies of France to South Africa, Mozambique, and Tanzania, with the support of the Botswana Police Service, organised the sixth edition of a regional peacekeeping training session which took place between 11th and 22nd November 2013.

95 police officials from the Botswana Police Service, the South African Police Service, the Lesotho Mounted Police Service, the National Police of Angola, the Royal Swaziland Police, the Tanzanian Police Force, the Malawi Police Service and the Namibian Police Force, were painstakingly training altogether in the framework of peacekeeping operations (civil management of crises by police services).

The delivered training was supervised by an array of facilitators from the French National Police, alongside with Botswana and Lesotho facilitators.

Established on UN standards, the training was based upon the staging, as close as possible, of the various actual situations met in peacekeeping deployment context. They range, inter alia, from crowd control in altered context, convoy escorting, close protection, protection of official buildings, inter-community sports event, setting up of checkpoints, to the evacuation of nationals or protection of minorities, etc.


This yearly training session, initiated by France and upgraded for six years, is gathering progressively more of the SADC Member States. The objective in the long run is to secure this training in order to enable this organisation to deploy its police officials effectively in the framework of the police component of its standby brigade.

All trained officials are to become trainers, fully empowering all SADC police services in terms of their capacity to effectively train, deploy and address the challenges raised by post-conflict situations in Africa, enabling them ultimately to manage civilian crises.

A closing ceremony was held on 22nd November 2013 at the above-mentioned Otse Police College. Skills developed during this training were performed in a multifaceted and evolving staged situation.

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