Workshop on the Post-COP 21 agenda-The French Embassy supports Botswana’s Climate Change Network

A workshop was organized on 6 July, 2016, by the “Botswana Climate Change Network” and the Ministry of Environment, Tourism and Wildlife, with the support of the French Embassy to Botswana, the France-Botswana Business Club (FBBC) and the UNDP. The workshop was about «Building a low carbon & climate resilient development agenda for Botswana », with a focus on the follow-up of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.
Botswana’s commitments during the Paris Conference last December include sustainable utilization of natural resources, employment and human and social development.

This workshop was an opportunity for all the participants to listen to the Minister of Environment, Hon. Tshekedi Khama, on Botswana’s way forward in addressing the challenges created by the Climate Change, as announced in the Country’s national contribution to the COP 21. It also highlighted the importance of working in an inclusive way, public and privates sectors as well as the civil society and the medias. Indeed the Botswana Climate Change Network, represented by Ms Tracy Sonny has proven that the civil society plays an important part.
Click here to read the remarks given by HE Mrs Anne de la Blache, on this occasion.

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