Training session by France 24 - graduation ceremony

On Friday 14 August 2018, the Ambassador, together with the director of the Department of Broadcasting Services, Ms. Keitirele Mathapi, handed over the certificates to the BTV journalists who have followed a two weeks training session offered by France 24, and leaded by Mr. Antoine Cormery, a French journalist and director of the France 24 Academy. The training session aimed at consolidating the BTV journalists’ skills in terms of events coverage and TV presentation.

The training session is part of the agreement that was signed last year between France 24 and BTV for the broadcasting of France 24 on Botswana DTT. Previous to this agreement, France 24 was broadcasted at night on BTV.

The Ambassador said he was happy about this successful partnership, and suggested that it could trigger new collaborations between our two countries as far as TV and media are concerned.

Last updated on: 21 August 2018