Signatures of PISCCA grants for 5 local NGO

The French Embassy in Botswana has just signed 5 grant agreements in order to fund 5 local projects implemented by the civil society

Our main achievement since the Women’s Day reception in March has been the signature of financial agreements with the civil society through our funds PISCCA. PISCCA stands for « Innovative projects from civil societies and coalitions of actors”. It is a small-grant programme designed for Botswana CSOs funded by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and managed by the French Embassy to Botswana. PISCCA aims at funding small-scale projects and development initiatives which contribute to strengthen Botswana’s civil society and promote social, economic and cultural rights in the country

For this 2020 call for proposal, the French Embassy will give priority to local NGOs working on the protection, health and empowerment of women in a post Covid19 situation, particularly targeting the most vulnerable groups of women, i.e. victims of GBV, women in rural areas and low-skilled women. The call of proposal is now done and our jury selected 5 NGO’s projects to be funded:

  1. Cheetah Conservation Society, with its project entitled “Women’s empowerment through community development in the rural San Bushmen villages of Bere and Kacgae”, aimed at creating economic opportunities for empowerment of women in key wildlife conservation areas;
  1. WoMen Against Rape, with its project entitled “A re chengcheng banana!”, aimed at building youth and community knowledge, skills and motivation to make healthy sexual and reproductive health choices;
  1. Success Capital, with its project entitled entitled “Eliminating violence and economic exclusion aggravated by Covid-19 for young women and LGBTIQ+ youth”, aimed at sustainably safeguarding and strengthening he inclusion of marginalized and vulnerable youth in eliminating violence and economic exclusion;
  1. Humana People to People Botswana, with its project entitled “Socio-economic empowerment of marginalized women in Mabutswana Sub-District”, aimed at reducing women’s vulnerability though enhanced networking and income generation skills and social empowerment;
  1. Stepping Stones International, with is project entitled “Freedom from Fear: Building Resilience Against GBV,” aimed at disrupting cycles of gender-based and intergenerational violence that plague individuals and families in Botswana and beyond.

Last updated on: 6 October 2020