Reception on the occasion of the French National Day

The ambassador of France to Botswana hosted a reception on Saturday 14th July 2018 at the residence of France in order to celebrate the French national day.

Government officials, members of the National Assembly, representatives from SADC, members of the business communities and the diplomatic corps, actors of the French teaching in Botswana all joined our compatriots residing in Botswana to enjoy a cocktail made from French typical products such as Champaign and cheeses.

Delivering a welcoming speech, His Excellency Pierre Voillery congratulated Botswana for the smooth political transition that happened on the 1st of April 2018 and thus Mr. Mokgweetsi Masisi for becoming the 5th President of the Republic of Botswana.

He ensured that Botswana and France have always had a special link and committed himself to continuing to nourish the bilateral relations.

The Ambassador of France to Botswana also reminded that this year has seen the visit of the Minister of Defense, justice and security to France, and the visit of the French senator Olivier Cadic to Botswana.

He further stated that the economic ties between the two countries are unceasingly growing as evidenced by the many meetings he have had with representatives of French companies.

As to the cultural and linguistic exchanges, he revealed that, as an example of our collaboration, the Botswana traditional troup called KGABOSERETO is currently in France to take part of the 38th edition of the Festival de Montignac. He also pointed out that the Alliance Française de Gaborone is committed to developing the cultural connections between the two countries and to improving the French teaching and learning in Botswana.

Responding to the Ambassador’s address, the minister of Presidential Affairs, Governance and Public Administration, Mr. Nonofo Molefhi, thanked the French government for the support it has always showed through its embassy in Botswana. As France continues to be the world number one tourist destination, he suggested that Botswana could learn from the French experience in order to develop this sector and thus diversify the economy.

Mr. Nonofo Molefhi then said the Botswana Vaccine Institute, which was created 40 years ago and is now a leading company for cattle vaccine in Africa, is a perfect illustration of the work that our two countries can do together.

Last updated on: 19 July 2018