Reception for the French Community in Botswana

Her Excellency Ambassador Anne de la Blache gave a reception for the French community in Botswana on the 25th of November 2015.

Nearly 50 guests attended the event around a French buffet prepared by Ingo and Faith, our lovely catering team.

In her speech, the Ambassador recalled the terrorist attacks in Paris and welcomed the courage and resilience of our Country and co-citizens.

It is important for the French community of Botswana to get together in times of sorrow as well as in times of celebration. As clearly said by the French President, we are not afraid. We have to be aware of the terrorist threat and at the same time, we have to go on living and enjoying our way of life, our culture, tradition and freedoms embedded in our history.

The Ambassador commended the dynamic members of our French Community who form the leading team of “Gaborone Accueil” and organize cheerful events, as well as those active in the business community, especially through our France-Botswana Business Club.

Dernière modification : 10/12/2015

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