PISCCA Fund for civil society : call for proposals

French Embassy’s Fund for Innovative Projects for Civil Societies and Coalitions of Actors (PISCCA)

The call for proposals is now open from the 03rd of June to the 24th of June 2020


PISCCA stands for « Innovative projects from civil societies and coalitions of actors » (« Projets innovants des sociétés civiles et des coalitions d’acteurs »). It is a small-grant programme designed for Botswana CSOs funded by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and managed by the French Embassy to Botswana.

PISCCA aims at funding small-scale projects and development initiatives which contribute to strengthen Botswana’s civil society and promote social, economic and cultural rights in the country. Its main objectives are to support local initiatives, foster networking and synergies between stakeholders on the field and strengthen capacities of beneficiaries and civil society organizations.

The 2020 call for proposals is open from 3rd June to 24th June 2020.


For this 2020 call for proposal, the French Embassy will give priority to local NGOs working on the protection, health and empowerment of women in a post Covid19 situation, particularly targeting the most vulnerable groups of women, i.e. victims of GBV, women in rural areas, low-skilled women, the youth etc.

Therefore, project proposals should fall under one or more of the following priorities:

  • Gender based violence: prevention, assistance to the victims…
    -  Health: access to medical care, sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR)…
  • Socio-economic empowerment: training, safe working environment, rural women’s participation in groups (co-operatives, self-help groups)


The underlying principle of PISCCA is to encourage innovative projects carried out by motivated and ambitious small and medium-sized Botswana CSOs. PISCCA will support primarily emerging CSOs which are not already supported by other donors or used to carrying out large-scale projects but still show a potential for growth, strive to implement new ideas and want to make a difference in their community.

  • The project proposals should:
  • Enhance the use of innovative methods and techniques or original development dynamics;
  • Respond to a need already identified by the community, directly benefiting to it in an inclusive way and beyond the initial circle of the project holders;
  • Emphasize learning by doing in its capacity-building components;
  • Achieve tangible realizations or improvements that are sustainable when external funding comes to an end;
  • Anticipate the necessary running and maintenance costs.
  • Examples of projects that cannot be supported by PISCCA:
    - Prestige operations without well-defined economic or social objectives;
    - Projects limited to construction work;
    - Proposals with high running costs and overhead expenditures.


Officially registered Botswana civil society organizations (associations, NGOs, CBOs, association networks, self-help organizations, etc.)

Profit-based organizations and international NGOs are not eligible.


  • Funded projects cannot include religious or political activities of any type, nor favour any community on the basis of religious, political, or ethnic criteria.
  • The duration of the project can range from 6 to 12 months but should not go beyond 31st December 2021.
  • The PISCCA maximum contribution should not exceed 100,000 pulas;
  • The beneficiaries are expected to contribute at least to 10% of the total cost of the project. This participation can take the form of financial contribution and/or provision of human resources, land, premises, equipment or materials in kind.
  • Projects are likely to be co-funded by other donors, but this extra contribution may not replace the mandatory contribution of the applicant.


The call for proposals under PISCCA will be open from 3rd June to 24th 2020. No application sent after the deadline will be considered. The interested applicants can download the application form below :

Application Form PISCCA Botswana
Application Form PISCCA Botswana
(Word - 149.5 kb)

To apply, the applicants must submit the completed application form presenting a brief proposal (maximum 10 pages, following the provided template), along with all the documents mentioned on the first page of the application form, to the French Embassy (contact below).

Only the proposals submitted in English will be considered.

The following elements are required for the consideration of the proposal:

  • Presentation of the applying organization:
    - Complete contact details of the organization and of its official representative;
    - Certification of registration;
    - Bank details;
    - Track record of the organization: past achievements; working partners and funding provided by other donors if any;
    - Last two annual reports;
    - Overall budget for the two previous calendar years and available human resources (with level of qualification).
  • Description of the project (using the application form available online):
  • Executive summary;
  • Context of the project and identification of the needs;
  • Target population (quantified and justified);
  • Overall and specific objectives;
  • Measurable quantitative indicators for each of the project’s objectives;
  • Description of the project’s activities and timeframe;
  • Partners and other donors, if any;
  • Detailed budget;
  • Means of ensuring the visibility of the project, as well as of the contribution from the French Embassy.


The grant application form should be completed carefully and applicants should double check if all the required documents have been attached.
The complete application (with application form in Word format) has to be sent to the contact below:
  • by email to the PISCCA programme officer → piscca.gaborone-amba@diplomatie.gouv.fr
  • by letter to the following adress :

PISCCA programme officer
French Embassy
761 Robinson Road
P.O. Box 1424


The initial review of the proposals will be done by the programme officer of the French Embassy to ensure all requirements are met. Incomplete application forms or applications with missing required documents will not be considered.

The selection of the projects to be funded will be made by a steering committee chaired by the French Ambassador, comprising representatives of the French Embassy, representatives of the civil society, as well as other relevant professionals. The steering committee will meet in July 2020.

The selected projects are expected to start in August / September 2020.
Once a project is selected, the Embassy remains available to the project team for technical advice.

The grant will be disbursed in two instalments. The first instalment of 50% of the grant will be paid after signature of the financial agreement by the Parties; the second instalment will be subject to the satisfactory implementation of the activities planned during a mutually agreed period and to the submission of intermediate technical and financial reports.

Final technical and financial reports will also be required from the grantees.

The French Embassy avails itself the right to conduct an evaluation at the end of the project.

Last updated on: 18 June 2020