National Day of Remembrance of the Slave Trade, Slavery and its abolition (10th May 2013) [fr]

France has marked on the 10th May the National Day of Remembrance of Slave Trade, Slavery and its Abolition. It has recalled at this occasion that many people in the world are still victims of the slavery.

France is deeply committed to the fight against modern forms of slavery. It endorses the universal ratification of the Additional Protocols of the Palermo Convention that it signed in 2000 and ratified in 2002. This international agreement aims to prevent, repress and punish human trafficking and to implement instruments to fight those crimes.

France supports the global initiative by the international organizations to fight human trafficking and the United Nations Global Action Plan against slave trade, launched in 2010 to create a fund in order to assist the victims.

Monument against slavery at Stone Town, Zanzibar

France also takes part in the different conventions of the International Labour Organization on forced labour and in the International Convention on children rights, among which a paragraph deals with children trade.

During this National Day of Remembrance, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs will organize several events to raise awareness of the civil society on the actual and universal characters of those issues.

Dernière modification : 23/05/2013

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