Military Cooperation

Peace-keeping and settling conflicts in Africa is increasingly becoming a priority. France is really attached to see African countries handle themselves the security problems on their continent, and is willing to offer its expertise in this field, in consultation with the African Union, which has already adopted essential orientations with regards to security and stability that we are fully supportive of. France has therefore refocused its defence cooperation with African countries towards reinforcing their own peacekeeping capabilities. The key idea of this action is that it is essential that African countries, on their side, do group together in regional organisations to ensure their development and stability, as we did in Europe; this is the reason why France strongly supports the SADC process. We therefore organized several military exercises with countries of the region, including Botswana in 2005 in the Maun area (operation Thogakamo). France has on the other hand started developing a promising partnership with the Botswana Police and the BDF.

Dernière modification : 23/01/2008

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