International Women’s Day at the French Residence [fr]

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, the French Ambassador organized a reception at the French Residence on Tuesday 10 March, in order to pay tribute to the numerous female representatives of the business community, politics and civil society, whose courage, determination and talent contribute to achieve gender equity and women’s right recognition in Botswana and in the international community.

250 distinguished guests were present, representing all sectors of the political, economic, entrepreneurial and cultural life of Botswana and the SADC. Leading media outlets covered the event.

The Ambassador reminded in her speech, that the International Women’s Day was not only meant to fight against violence and discriminations, but also to advocate the legal and economic independence of women, and to help them reaching the place they deserve in society, in the corporate world and in decision-making spheres. Thus, the responsibility of taking action relies on each and every one of us, both men and women, from the small African village to the United Nations Headquarters. Twenty years after the Beijing conference, the status of women is still struggling to be improved, although a lot of countries, including Botswana, have signed the international instrument on women’s right.

In this regard, the Ambassador pointed out, that France has anchored the defence of women’s right, the promotion of gender equity and the fight against gender violence at the very heart of its cooperation and diplomatic strategy worldwide.

The event was sponsored by Orange Botswana, a branch of the Orange group. Orange was not only recognized for its infallible financial support, but also for the involvement of the Orange Foundation in humanitarian and social projects. The “Women for Change” initiative - thus attribute one of its five rewards for African projects to a Botswana female candidate, manager of a local NGO.

The guest of honor was Ms Kgosikgolo Mosadi Seboko, the first woman who reached the status of supreme Chief. She insists in her speech on the important role of tribal chiefs to listen and help resolving her community’s.

Link : read the full speech (french, PDF format)

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(PDF - 193 kb)

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