« French Day » at Stepping Stones International [fr]

The Cooperation and Cultural Action Department of the Embassy of France, organized a “French Day” at the NGO Stepping Stones International in Mochudi, on Wednesday 13 August.

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Art workshop

Stepping Stones International is an NGO, based in Mochudi, Botswana; its mission is to unlock the potential of orphans and/or vulnerable teenagers, and to provide opportunities for them to become self-reliant.

The objective of the event was to open the youth to various aspects of French culture.
Four interactive workshops were led in a playful way by French volunteers recruited by the Embassy:
-  Cooking workshop: preparation and tasting of crêpes
-  Language workshop: playful initiation to French language
-  Culture workshop: presentation of French landscapes, cities, regions, etc…
-  Art workshop: discovery of the art of portrait and painting of portraits

Approximately 100 teenagers and 10 staff members of the NGO participated in the four workshops.

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Culture workshop
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Cooking workshop

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