France’s attractiveness policy

France’s attractiveness policy is instrumental in improving the perception of France abroad in order to promote the establishment of economic, scientific and cultural activities.

The definition of France’s attractiveness policy is based mainly on two steering forums:

Governmental seminars

Composition: main ministries concerned, overseen by the Prime Minister.

Role: to determine the directions and define the measures to take to enhance France’s attractiveness.

Results: the seminar has met twice - once in December 2003 and once in February 2005. A number of measures have been adopted that are designed to improve the way in which people (students, researchers and business executives) and investments (legal framework, taxation, etc.) are welcomed.

Results are monitored and evaluated regularly, during interministerial meetings. The next governmental seminar is expected to be organized during the first quarter of 2006. The Invest in France Agency (IFA) and the Finance and Economic Policy Directorate of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry serve as General Secretariat of this attractiveness policy.

Attractiveness Strategy Council

Composition: about twenty French and foreign business leaders. Outside of formal sessions, working meetings are held with “sherpas” appointed by Council members.

Role: consultative body, which helps identify potential actions to take to enhance the attractiveness of the French economy to international investments, and to better promote France’s image and economic potential.

Results: the Council has played a part in identifying and developing measures taken at the level of governmental seminars.

...and with regard to two main tools designed to monitor and support this policy.

Attractiveness indicator

- Objective: to measure France’s strengths and weaknesses against international comparisons and to evaluate the effect of governmental measures taken to enhance France’s attractiveness.

- Methodology: a set of indicators concerning the quantitative data of investments and talent attracted by France as well as the determining factors of location (human resources, infrastructure, administrative environment, etc.). The IFA has offered to work with its main European partners to develop a European indicator.

France’s image campaign

- Objectives: to shake up ideas received and to help create an economic environment that is more favourable to France in five countries (United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and China).

- Targets: the press, economic decision-makers and the French community abroad will be made aware of the campaign’s content throughout 2006, by means of a relational marketing programme.

- Methodology: a communication strategy with three simultaneous modes of action: advertising, via ads placed in the economic press worldwide, a public relations programme, and communication tools designed to amplify the campaign message. A campaign extranet has just been launched, which centralizes information and provides reliable, argued and new information about France’s economic attractiveness to a 3,000-strong network worldwide, so that each person, in professional and personal circumstances, is privy to arguments about the “new France”.

Creation of the Win in France club

Created in 2005, this informal discussion club brings together more than twenty leaders of major French companies, public research laboratories and graduate schools and focuses on France’s attractiveness. The objective is to propose measures to improve the legal and tax framework to attract business and talent to France, to reveal the good practices implemented by the club’s members in order to make the government and civil society aware of them. Mr. Louis Schweitzer presides over the club, for which the IFA acts as secretariat.

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