France ranks 2nd in Europe for the number of patents filed [fr]

France ranked second in Europe and 6th in the world for the number of patents filed: 7,664 international patents were filed in 2011. (INPI 2011)

Increase in the number of patent applications in France in 2013:

With a total of 16,886 applications, the French National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) recorded an increase of 1.5% compared with 2012; almost 82% of these were filed electronically. This ranking takes account of published patent applications, i.e. those filed between July 1, 2011, and June 30, 2012, since patent applications are published 18 months after filing, in accordance with the law.

There are several reasons for this strong position:

- The dynamism of French businesses, which are increasingly integrating industrial property into their development strategies. “Despite the crisis, the major groups that file patents are not ignoring industrial property. Innovation remains a key driver of growth in development strategies and strategies aimed at conquering new markets,” states Yves Lapierre, INPI’s Director General;

- The support of a political strategy that is conducive to innovation: In 2012, the government embarked on a policy to promote innovation within the framework of the Pact for Growth, Competitiveness and Employment. “A new deal for innovation,” launched in 2013, sets a comprehensive goal: to make France a land of innovation, focusing on four strategic areas:

  • innovation by all: to mobilize all forms of innovation, all talents in French society, by taking action on cultural constraints and promoting equal opportunities, by encouraging initiative, creativity, project work, the taste for industry and entrepreneurship, in all stages of training and within society;
  • open innovation: to support ecosystem functioning, the transfer of knowledge and technology between research and businesses, and the interface between major groups and SMEs in our territory;
  • Innovation for growth: to boost innovative companies and provide an environment that will allow them to grow and become the leaders of tomorrow;
  • Public innovation: implement a coordinated, coherent and effective public innovation policy and create public policies that put citizens at the center of innovation.

The automotive sector remains the leading patent applicant


The most substantial increase came from the Renault group, with published patent applications increasing from 341 to 543 (+59.2%), moving from 8th to 4th place in the rankings. Schneider Electric also recorded a sharp increase, with published patent applications increasing from 105 in 2012 to 160 in 2013 (+52.4%), moving from 20th to 16th position. Alstom moved into the top 20, ranking 19th place (with 105 applications) in the 2013 listings.

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