France commits itself in the Arctic

The Arctic zone, ecologically fragile, is changing under the climate change effect. France has launched since 2013 an interdepartmental workgroup under the auspices of Mr. Michel Rocard, Ambassador of France for the Arctic and Antarctic Poles, to identify and coordinate the national priorities on the boreal zone.

The national road map on the Arctic was presented by the Ambassador of France in charge of the Poles on Tuesday 14 June at the ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development in presence of the Minister, Mr Jean-Marc Ayrault, scientists, politicians and NGO’s representatives. This presentation illustrates the high level of interests at scientific, environmental, economic and strategic levels in France about this emerging environment, located some 2500 km only from the French coasts.

Arctic is an ecologically sensitive zone in which national interests shall be developed in the frame of general interest and sustainable development.

Access Michel Rocard’s interview, ambassador of Arctic and Antarctic Poles.

Dernière modification : 16/06/2016

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