France applies for the Human Rights Council [fr]


France has submitted its application to the Human Rights Council of the United Nations (HRC) in Geneva, for a three-year mandate from 1st January 2014 to 31st December 2016. France has already served two mandates at the Council, between 2006 and 2011. The HRC counts 47 member states, and is renewed by third every year. It is the UN principal organ for the defence of the Human rights.

France is presenting its candidacy to the Human Rights Council with a view to promoting the highest standards of Human Rights protection, which are funding values of the Republic. France relentless commitment to the High Commissioner is accompanied since 2006 with initiatives and resolutions to draw the International Community’s attention to the most critical situations regarding the Human Rights. France gives an uncompromising consideration to the Women’s rights, the rights of the child, and to Civil and political rights.

As a candidate to the HRC, France is committed to upholding the highest standard of human rights at a national level, as well as at the international level. France undertakes to:

  • Ensure the promotion and protection of all human rights.
  • Support the gradual realization of the right to education, health, food and water.
  • Strengthen international mobilization for respect of women’s rights and pursue its commitment to the rights of the child.
  • Promote freedom of opinion and expression.
  • Encourage States to combat arbitrary detention.
  • Step up the fight against impunity and promote the right to truth and justice.

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