First reception of the alumni network

All over the world, the French embassies have raised the challenge of creating a network that brings together all local citizens of their residence countries who have studied on French territory at some point in their lives. Thus, this circle of acquaintances includes all those who have gone to France to continue their studies at a French university or as part of a student exchange, to strengthen their language skills or to do an internship in a company in France.

Ambassador Beau thanks all the participants for answering the call as it is very important for the French Embassy to keep in touch with the alumni in order to learn from their experiences and testimonies and also to involve them in our events. Ambassador Beau therefore proposes that the alumni meet in this same format at least once a year at the residence for a cocktail reception. Mrs Aurélie Gbeffa, Director of the Alliance Française of Gaborone, also proposes to organise one or two events per year especially reserved for the alumni. This can take the form of a private cinema session with the projection of a film in French or a karaoke night with French hits.

The French Embassy is also considering the creation of a digital platform bringing together all alumni to communicate relevant information. This platform could also be useful for the next students from Botswana who will go to study in France as they will surely need advice and feedback in order to prepare their departure as well as possible.

We have several communication projects whose objective is to promote both French schools and universities but also the learning of the French language and immersion in our French culture.

For information, the Embassy is always looking for as yet unidentified alumni to enrich its database and expand its network. So, if you think you have been forgotten, please contact our services at the following address:

Last updated on: 14 October 2020