Briefing session for the language training in France for 30 Batswana students [fr]

On Thursday 30th May, a briefing session for the departure to France has been held at the Alliance Française of Gaborone. The French Embassy’s Cooperation Attachée, Ms. Solveig Monvoisin, has organized and animated that meeting in which thirty students learning French at the University of Botswana took part.

In a relaxed atmosphere but with a palpable excitement and a touch of apprehension, the student paid a careful attention to the wise advice provided during the afternoon. Their reactions were particularly enthusiastic about the description of the three cities where they will stay during two months, ten students in each city: Brest, Vichy and Besancon.

The instructions concerning the flight, a real first for most of them, as well as the basic rules to be followed in the host families have been delivered by M. Jean-Raoul Austin de Drouillard, Head of the French Department at the University of Botswana, and by the teaching staff. The thirty students are now ready for the departure, they will fly on Saturday 1st June.

Dernière modification : 31/05/2013

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