Annecy 2018 : Ice, snow, and you ?

After a visit of the evaluation commission of IOC in Annecy from 8 to 12 Februrary in presence of the President of Republic, the Prime minister, the President of the National Assembly and seven ministers, France is waiting for the vote that will occure on the 6 jully 2011 to elect the town that will have the honour to organise the Winter Olympic Games of 2018.

Take the time to discover the Annecy 2018 project…

« We are convinced that the idea of the Games at Annecy will trigger a great burst of energy and enthusiasm from the whole country. We want to offer sport, and the whole world, the most magnificent spectacle. Every French woman and every French man, every ounce of strength in the country will be united to achieve this ambition to serve the Olympic ideal »

Charles Beigbeder (President of the Annecy 2018 project)

The Annecy 2018 project not only aims at organising wonderful Olympic Games, It also aims at defining a new relashonship with mountain for the 21th century. The Annecy 2018 project fully integrates the desires expressed by the IOC: sustainable development, promoting the Games’ accessibility to as wide a public as possible, strong actions in favor of young people, the useful integration of new technologies, etc.

Around two lead venues – Annecy and Chamonix Mont-Blanc – lying less than an hour apart and directly connected by the Games train and by motorway - all Annecy 2018 venues are located within a 33km radius.

Birthplace of the Winter Olympics (Chamonix 1924), a playground at the foot of Mont Blanc in the heart of the world’s leading winter sports destinationand the largest fully-equipped ski area anywhere (75,000 km of slopes and 110 resorts, many with an international reputation).

The unique charm of Annecy, « the Venice of the Alps ». At the heart of a basin with nearly one million residents on the borders with Switzerland and Italy, Annecy is admired as the crossroads of a multitude of international, athletic, cultural, economic, technological and academic exchanges, ...

Annecy has taken its place as a highly popular tourist destination. It is the ideal setting for 17 days of Olympic festivities that will be kicked off with a fabulous open-air opening ceremony with 50,000 lakeside spectators.

Some indications…

110 : Number of ski stations in the region of Annecy.

17 : Number of ski fields.

4 800: Number of kilometers of ski runs in the region of Annecy-Chamonix.

150 : Million of euros dedicated every year to maintain the sites.

1 286 800: Number of beds available to welcome Annecy 2018.

For more information about the Annecy 2018 project, please follow the link:

The Annecy 2018 project

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