Adoption by the French Parliament of the Bill authorizing ratification of the Lisbon Treaty

Joint Statement by Mr Bernard Kouchner, Minsiter of Foreign and European Affairs, and Mr Jean-Pierre Jouyet, Minister of State responsible for European Affairs

"The French Parliament has passed the bill authorizing ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, after substantive and impassioned debates in Parliament on both this bill and the preceding one amending the French Constitution. These debates showed that France retained the European ambition of the Treaty of Rome’s founding fathers and was intent on again playing a key role in Europe.

In line with President Sarkozy’s wishes, France made an important contribution to drawing up this new treaty, working closely with the German and Portuguese presidencies as well as with all her partners. France is one of the first European Union Member States to ratify it.

Thanks to the Lisbon Treaty, it will be possible to address European citizens’ concerns more effectively, make decision-making in the 27 both more democratic and more efficient and resolutely turn our attention to developing forward-looking policies on energy, the environment, immigration, and prosperity and security for our fellow citizens. The treaty provides the means for a political revitalization of the European Union. The French on all sides of the political spectrum must contribute to it.

We welcome the adoption of this Act, which is good news for France and for Europe and we are keen to see this treaty, which allows us to put the institutional issue behind us after over ten years of discussion and hesitation, come into force on 1 January 2009 after its ratification by all the European Union Member States./."

Dernière modification : 11/02/2008

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